Press Release: 2024-07-10

Chapter Volunteer Orientation Program (CVOP) 2024 - Kelley Silva, AMTA-MA

My name is Kelley Silva, and I live in Westford, where I own a massage studio called All About the Massage. I have been a massage therapist 2007 and a member of AMTA since 2006. I am a newly elected Delegate who will be one of two delegates representing Massachusetts at the AMTA National Convention this Fall.


CVOP 2024 - Day 1

Arriving on the first day of CVOP 2024, I remember being excited to learn so much more about AMTA and how, as volunteers, we can help. From being welcomed by the members of the Volunteer Engagement Committee, to meeting other volunteers from all over the US, it was such a positive start to CVOP 2024.

CVOP filled day 1 with fantastic information and it was so fun to meet many of the other volunteers. Honestly, I loved all the speakers, and the breakout sessions were informative. 

Picking a few highlights: 

● gaining a better understanding of all that AMTA National does for the profession of massage therapy, nationally and for each state 

● Our inspirational keynote speaker from day 1 Kat Vellos. 

● The marketing and communications workshop was so helpful in understanding how to get the word out about AMTA within our massage community. 

Having been a member of AMTA since I was a student in massage school, I honestly didn’t know or appreciate how amazing AMTA is the promotion and protection of the massage therapy profession. I have always appreciated the continuing education offered by AMTA, but honestly, there is just so much more to AMTA than continuing education. Picking one or two words to describe my experience on the first day of CVOP, the two words that come to mind are eye opening and inspirational.

When you spend the entire day with a group of massage therapists at CVOP because they also care about massage therapy and want to do what they can to help, you can’t help but feel energized! 

CVOP 2024 - Day 2

I started Day 2 of CVOP, ready to absorb as much information as possible. I thought I understood the importance of having an organization like AMTA, but after the first day, I was ready to learn even more and also connect with more volunteers. Meeting other volunteers from throughout the country is a beautiful experience; from meeting delegates from other states, to other chapter volunteers as well as our national-level volunteers.I have contact information of other delegates who I am excited to connect with again this Fall at our National Meeting.

Until I started volunteering, I benefited from being a member of AMTA without fully appreciating everything that AMTA provides in support of massage therapists and in support of massage therapy. Being a volunteer for AMTA, I am excited to continue learning about all the AMTA does and I am excited to share what I learn with other massage therapists who may not know about all the resources that AMTA provides us!

How has attending CVOP 2024 impacted you? 

Sometimes when you volunteer for an organization, it can be confusing to learn about how you can help within the organization. CVOP is amazing because over the course of two days, you learn so much about volunteering with AMTA. After attending CVOP 2024, I feel I have the tools and resources to be an effective volunteer for our state chapter and I am grateful to have been able to attend.