Press Release: 2023-05-31

Mass Insight & CISA Host Cybersecurity Workshop for Over 300 Massachusetts High School Students

Mass Insight & CISA Host Cybersecurity Workshop for Over 300 Massachusetts High School Students

Students participated in virtual cybersecurity exercises and learned about education and career opportunities in the cybersecurity industry.

May 30, 2023 –Boston– Mass Insight Education & Research partnered with the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to introduce Massachusetts Advanced Placement® (AP®) high school students to cybersecurity scenarios and concepts as well as post-secondary education and career paths during a four-hour virtual field trip on Tuesday, May 23rd.

“It is critical for high school students to learn and be aware of the role that cybersecurity plays in all our lives and the importance of protecting our digital world and infrastructure,” said Mass Insight’s Board Chair and Founder/CEO of Evee Security Consulting Group, Gary Evee. “Through this unique partnership with CISA, we’re able to introduce cybersecurity concepts to AP students which can be very impactful as they consider future career paths.”

Hundreds of AP students representing 11 public high schools from across the state took part in the online workshop, in which CISA representatives discussed social engineering scams and cybersecurity breaches across different industries and delved into potential cyber threats along with the potential impacts to national, state, and local security.

Participation in this event has more than tripled since 2021’s pilot initiative. “Development of the next generation of diverse cybersecurity talent is critical to our nation’s success,” said CISA Region 1 Director, Matt McCann. “Collaborative forward-leaning organizations like Mass Insight promote CISA’s efforts to foster awareness and pathways for this growing and critical career field.”

Over the past decade, Mass Insight’s Advanced Placement STEM & English Program has supported more than 60,000 students from more than 150 public high schools. The program is designed to drive a culture of high expectations and dramatically increase participation and performance in AP courses, particularly among underserved populations.