Press Release: 2022-05-26

We can't go on like this.

We can't go on like this.:

In the aftermath of Uvalde

May 25, 2022

We can’t go on like this.

We can’t live in a cycle of shootings and thoughts and prayers.

We can’t allow our young people to live in fear and despair.

We can’t look the other way on mental illness, hate speech, the easy availability of weapons, isolation, and the myriad other issues that are cited as the “reasons” behind shootings in our schools, our communities and our streets.

No single action will remove the uniquely American propensity toward homicide, suicide, and gun violence, and no one else will solve the problem for us.

So today, what can we do?

We can lead with our hearts. Take actions that you think will help, even in a small way. You can join the call to reduce gun access. You can invest in bolstering the mental health resources available in your community. You can volunteer for good works that are going on to reduce hunger and homelessness, break down isolation, build community and create shared supports.

Odds are most of us can think of places that are doing this critical work off the top of our heads. If we can't, we all know someone who can direct us. None of this work is easy. It requires time, support and investment. But it’s in all our abilities to do something.

We can’t live in fear.

We can’t give up.

We can’t wait for others to do it.

We can start now.