Press Release: 2021-09-14

From the Web: ‘In-Person Lobbying is Here to Stay’

From the Web: ‘In-Person Lobbying is Here to Stay’:

Recent reports show that, despite the increased use of technology to advocate—even before the COVID-19 pandemic—meeting face-to-face is still critical on Capitol Hill.

9/13/2021 8:00 AM

From the Web: ‘In-Person Lobbying is Here to Stay’

Members of Congress and researchers say meeting in person remains an important element of advocacy, despite the rise in the use of technology for meetings, Roll Call reports .

Citing a report from the Public Affairs Council , the article states that face-to-face meetings with federal policy makers will become rarer.

“The council’s survey found that 54% of government affairs executives believe the pandemic will bring about a decline in traditional lobbying and an increase in digital advocacy,” according to Roll Call.

However, it notes that the percentage was actually down 7 points from 61% in 2020 and that digital tools, while they will remain a part of advocacy on Capitol Hill and in lawmakers’ district offices, are only an introduction.

“There is little doubt that digital advocacy, remote fly-ins and Zoom check-ins with legislative staff are here to stay, but in-person government affairs work will still be integral to policy success. Make no mistake: Washington will soon undergo a reawakening of in-person advocacy,” the article states.

When asked to compare different advocacy techniques, Roll Call reports 83% of respondents to a March 2019 survey by the Public Affairs Council “rated personal visits to Washington as the most effective form of advocacy, followed very closely by visits to district offices at 81%. Three-quarters of respondents said in-person visits from lobbyists were effective.”

Congress will officially reconvene with the Senate’s return Sept. 13, 2021, and the House returns the following week on Sept. 20, 2021, but there are always opportunities to connect with lawmakers and ACA International has resources to help.

ACA’s advocacy outreach is an extremely important component of its ongoing efforts to help members succeed.

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