Press Release: 2021-07-26

We can't let the "NeverTrump" elites cancel us

We can't let the "NeverTrump" elites cancel us:

A while ago I told you about the Beacon Hill Swamp lobbyist leading the media hit campaign on us here at the MassGOP.

I'd like now to identify another member of that 16-person cabal offering a $1 million bribe to have me, and by extension, you, 'canceled.'

You might remember former U.S. Senate Candidate John Kingston, who in 2016 spent $1 million of his own money trying to destroy President Donald Trump.

If Mr. Kingston had his way in 2016, Hillary Clinton would have been elected president.

You, the grassroots, are who matters. Not them.

That single truth cannot be stressed enough. Ever since he captured the Republican nomination in 2016, I've been 100 percent on board with President Trump's policies, and have worked to reform the MassGOP so that it operates from the grassroots level and answers to you and not the establishment.

But the people trying to take me out don't care about you. Their fingerprints are all over the effort to 'cancel' us for the crime of working to make the Massachusetts Republican Party fight for YOUR interests instead of theirs.

I believe grassroots Republicans can put an end to this corrupt arrangement. To do this, we need to stand together. Can I count on you to join me?

Show them that grassroots Republican action is what matters in Massachusetts. Click here to chip in. Every dollar counts!

You are part of a new movement of Republicans who is finished with the status quo, who is fed up with the mega-donor class corrupting Massachusetts politics, who is sick and tired of pay-to-play schemes dictating the direction of the party.

The good news is that you outnumber them, and you vote. If you haven't yet, please consider donating any amount -- no matter how small -- to give us the boost we need to put Republican principles in Massachusetts ahead of the Beacon Hill Swamp.

Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support.


Jim Lyons

Chairman, Massachusetts Republican Party

Paid for by the Massachusetts Republican Party

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