Press Release: 2021-07-21

With Gratitude to Governor Baker and the State Legislature

With Gratitude to Governor Baker and the State Legislature:

July 16th, 2021 – Governor Charlie Baker signs State Budget that protects Massachusetts film jobs and businesses.

Photo courtesy of Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Photo courtesy of Commonwealth of Massachusetts

We applaud the Governor’s decision to sign the FY’2022 State Budget as unanimously passed by the House and Senate. This budget makes the state’s film production incentive program permanent, ensuring that thousands of families and small business supported by the growing film and television industry can continue to live and work in Massachusetts

The production incentive has successfully created a vibrant film industry in Massachusetts that is recognized as one of the best in the world. Massachusetts is now positioned to capture a major portion of the jobs and revenue created by the new productions planned in the post-pandemic entertainment industry.

Removing the expiration date of the film incentive will allow thousands of workers in this industry to stay and thrive here in Massachusetts. It will give students from local schools and film programs a career path to pursue. It will encourage many new investments in infrastructure, and allow small businesses to expand their companies and hire more workers. Eliminating the expiration date and making this program permanent will immediately lead to more job growth and businesses activity.

On behalf of the thousands of workers who make their livelihood in the film, television and streaming production industry, and the small businesses supported by the industry, thank you Governor Baker and the State Legislature for your support to make the film incentive program permanent. We are excited to continue growing this incredible industry that impacts Massachusetts residents and communities all across the Commonwealth.

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Every member of our community should feel tremendously proud of the advocacy you have engaged in over the past 2 1/2 years to change this law. It has been a massive effort and we've asked a lot of each other to make this change possible. It made a difference.

We can't wait to get to work to continue building upon this thriving industry, and the bright future possible for the jobs, businesses, and communities across the Commonwealth that will grow and get to build a permanent home for the filmmaking in the state.

Thank you for supporting this campaign!

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