Press Release: 2021-06-10

The Legislature Passes Fair Share Over to the People

The Legislature Passes Fair Share Over to the People:

Fair Share Makes the November 2022 Ballot

At today's Constitutional Convention, the Legislature voted 159-41 to place the Fair Share Amendment on the November 2022 ballot. This is a great step towards achieving equity in the Commonwealth. MassBudget thanks Senate President Spilka, House Speaker Mariano, and all of the legislators who supported this important initiative. In MassINC’s recent poll of voters on the Fair Share Amendment, more than 72% of respondents supported a surtax on incomes over $1 million.

The roughly $2 billion to be generated annually by Fair Share for education and transportation can help us fully fund the Student Opportunity Act, repair our crumbling transportation infrastructure, and help achieve equity for Black, Latinx, and other communities suffering from systemic disinvestment. The Fair Share Amendment is how we can fulfill a once-in-a-generation promise to our communities long after the temporary, one-time federal COVID relief runs out.

Building back better requires that we ask our wealthiest residents to contribute to our shared well-being. Fair Share will help us build an equitable and just future here in Massachusetts by helping to fund cradle to career education and a robust transportation system. 

At MassBudget, we recognize the importance of involving the people and communities impacted by policy failures to help choose a better path. Voters want this, and we’re glad to see the Fair Share Amendment is moving forward.

In Solidarity,

Marie-Frances Rivera