Press Release: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

MassFiscal to File Lawsuit Challenging Intimidation Legislation

MassFiscal to File Lawsuit Challenging Intimidation Legislation

MassFiscal will always fight to keep our rights of freedom of speech and association protected. They are worth fighting for. That’s why MassFiscal has teamed up with the Institute for Free Speech (IFS) to file a lawsuit against the state later today. You heard that right, we are suing the state of Massachusetts.

The lawsuit will ask the federal court to deem unconstitutional intimidation legislation passed several years ago to try to silence groups like ours. The intimidation legislation was passed by the legislature when MassFiscal first came onto the scene. It was passed with the purpose of shutting us up by requiring MassFiscal and other organizations to disclose our top five donors, regardless of their purpose of giving. It also forces some government mandated speech on certain communications within 90 days of election.

At the time of its passage, the intimidation legislation was described at the statehouse as the “anti-MassFiscal bill.” Before MassFiscal started its education to millions of constituents across the state, donor disclosure was already required if organizations solicited funds to make certain expenditures.  

We are advocating for fair and clear campaign finance law, and the legislature’s intimidation legislation is anything but that. The original architect behind the intimidation legislation is former state Rep. Garrett Bradley, who wrote the bill in the House. Bradley would eventually come under federal investigation for orchestrating the country’s largest straw donor scheme to ever take place. The hypocrisy of the situation is simply astounding.

Our state campaign finance laws have been weaponized for political reasons, plain and simple, and it’s time to do something about it.

This will be the first lawsuit our organization has been involved with in which MassFiscal itself is the plaintiff. The IFS is a well-respected, non-partisan, non-profit organization located in DC that advocates for more speech and more association. Its chairman is Bradley Smith, the former Federal Election Commission Chairman. We are lucky to be working with such a fine group. 

MassFiscal and IFS will be filing our lawsuit against the director of the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, the Attorney General and the District Attorney. They will be served notice that they are being sued by MassFiscal in their professional capacity.

MassFiscal has our full public statement on our website at Please share it on social media and with likeminded supporters.